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Post Link Posted: Wed May 04 2011 5:15 pm
Post subject: Auto Accessories (stereo parts, etc) (Midlothian, Il )
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Auto Accessories (stereo parts, etc.) I have most of these items brand new. They were acquired from a closed down shop that worked specifically on adding accesories to cars. I would be glad to send anyone a picture of any item they would be interested in. I also have no issue with anyone coming to look at these items as we have them in a cleaned out office unit at our business in Midlothian. You can email me any questions.

The price I have listed is not the price I am looking to get for these items, the listed price is what I found these items original value to be. I am looking to sell these items for 50% off.

Online Price (usually priced as new)


$250.00 Microvision 7 inch TFT Monitor (Part #MTV-7000BCT)

$500.00 MTX Audio-Tunder Axe High-End Components TXC 5.1

$70.00 MP-900 9 inch Wide TFT LCD Headrest Monitor

$325.00 Oz Audio High Performance Amplifier-VA 700.1

$180.00 Massive TW-12 12 inch Subwoofer-1000 Watts

$150.00 Arc Audio-ARC 8D4

$25.99 18 GA 125 ft. Red Wire

$47.00 Rockin’ Engineering-High Performance Primary Wire

18 GA-500 ft. – Red

18 GA-500 ft. – Yellow

18 GA-500 ft. – Black

18 GA-500 ft. – Brown

$60.00 Pioneer TS-W307D4 12 inch Component Speaker

$170.00 Rainbow 12 inch Hammer Subwoofer

$180.00 Arc Audio-KS6006

$89.00 Arc Audio-KS5726

$200.00 Massive CK6 Competition Series Component Kit

$125.00 H.I.D. High Intensity Discharge Light System-H13

$120.00 Power Acoustik-PT-509MSVN-5 inch TFT LCD with Sun Visor Kit

$56.00 TecVox 5.6 inch LCD- TC5610

$190.00 Movies 2 Go by Audiovox-MM104R-10.4 inch Color Monitor

$196.00 CleanSweep CL441dsp-OEM Audio Interface w/Automatic Digital EQ

$175.00 Rainbow Part No. 231143 (SLC 265.25 NG) 165mm. Woofer

$40.00 Oz Vector 3 12 inch Subwoofer Dual 2-Ohm (OZ-V12.3-2)

$70.00 x 2 Arc Audio Coaxials-KS4026

$147.00 MB Quart-RVA216-2 Way Component System

$400.00 x 2 Arc6000 High Performance Component Loud Speaker

$130.00 Audiovox-Collision Avoidance Systems-2.5 inch Color LCD Back-up Monitor-ACAM 250

$180.00 x 2 Mobile PWS-MP900G-Gray 9 inch wide TFT LCD Headrest Monitor-

$17.99 x 17 Audio RCA-Interconnect Cables-EFX 2 Clear RCA Cable w/ Blue/ White Barrels, 17ft.

$49.95 x 5 Matrix X-Rated Super White H4 12V 100/90W #01-091

$15.00 x 3 Peripheral-PRC1 RCA Line Level Controller

$14.00 x 2 Peripheral PXRALP- Aux Audio Input

$30.00 x 2 Peripheral-SVENR Premium 2 channel adjustable line output converter w auto remote amp turn on

$25.00 x 7 EFX- Fuse Blocks/Power Distribution- 022P48FDI

$14.00 x 3 Lite Glow Xenon White H11 12V 55W

$20.00 x 4 Rockford Fosgate Bridging Cable – BDSYNC2

$18.00 Rockford Fosgate-Punch Equalizer Remote-PEQ

$60.00 Stinger Power Distribution Block, SPO5210

$15.00 Tsunami 10’ RCO Audio/Video-RCA503-10

$23.00 x 3 Alpine-KCE422i Connection Cable

$12.00 Stinger- Drone Series RCA Cable 17ft. SD17

$45.00 PAC SWI-X Universal Steering Wheel Radio Control Interface

$50.00 Digital iPod Interface AV-POD

$22.50 Alpine Remote Control Unit- RUE-4202

$50.00 Audiovox Mobile Video FMM100A

x 2 Blue Zone BZ242, 4200K

x 11 GZC Size Matter-Rim Size Display

x 3 Chrome Badges

x 6 IC Dynamics, Scanner Automotive Security S78B

EFX Audio RCA Interconnect Cables AMM.5C Clear Cable w/ EFX 2 gray/burgundy RCA’s

$24.95 Street Glow Auto-Neon Accessories Strobe Light

$34.72 Autopage-Model AC434CE Remote Control Receiver Device

$28.00 x 4 SecuriLock Interf. Kit-4 7LZZ-19G365-AA

49.00 Autopage KE-120 Remote Keyless Entry System

Ultra Series Linear Actuatar- DC12V

140.00 Kenwood KAC-X40

125.00 Oz Vector VA 150.

  • GeographicArea=Midlothian, Il Location: Midlothian, Il
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


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