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Post Link Posted: Thu Oct 21 2010 2:08 pm
Post subject: Boat Dock and Mississippi River Lot (St. Charles, MO.) $25000
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Call Brad at
**contact number**

The River is down and beautiful. Call to set up a time to see.

LOCATION: Dardene Slue, upstream from Riverside Harbor, downstream from Golden Eagle Ferry. Access off Hwy B in St. Charles County. Great area off the main channel with close access to gas at Riverside and Kinders Restaurant on the river.

Dock is 32 x 10' with ramp and Lot being sold is 48' river front x 44 at the road x 306' long with a septic tank. This property can be built on. It is at the end of the road with no drive through traffic, PLUS OPTION to rent additional ACRES of land for only $1.00 a year. You'll have about three acres all together to use if you leave it as we have used it for 15 years. You could clear more.

Because we own this lot, the last lot on the road which is adjacent to St. Charles Co. Land, we are able to lease additional acreage owned by St. Charles County. We have leased all of the available acreage at the end of the road for $1.00 a year, for 15 years. This is where we created the camping area, put in the 200amp electric, and 32' x 10 foot dock, etc. This property has enough electric to power several campers. It is a large area with a heavy deeply rocked base from us adding rock to support our RV and several other friends, for 15 years.

Also offered is the Massey Ferguson 30B tractor with front loader, box blade, 5 brush hog and 6 blade for an additional $20,000.


Mississippi River Boat Dock
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