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Post Link Posted: Tue Jun 01 2010 10:20 am
Post subject: PORTER CABLE -"Robotoolz" Model RT7690-2, Dual Plane Leveling Laser (Chenango Bridge) $365
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The (Porter Cable) RoboToolz RT-7690-2 is high-power automatic leveling, remote controlled, simultaneous level and plumb rotational laser system for interior and exterior applications. Patented dual pendulum automatic leveling system utilizes gravity to consistently automatic level, eliminate set up time guarantee accuracy and transfer reference points to multiple locations with high repeatability. Tool is BRAND NEW in Case !!! Purchased NEW, Retail approx $ 900.00. NEVER USED


Carpentry: Level and set cabinets and counter tops; Install trim and millwork; Level and plumb decks; Plumb framing and partition walls; Plumb windows and door frames.

Concrete: Set forms and footings.

Electrical: Level electrical outlets; Check conduit clearance; Layout conduit and wiring.

Plumbing: Layout piping, sewer lines, drainage and feed lines; Set grade.

Other: Set ridge beams; Install siding, wall tile and masonry walls; Set landscape grade; Install drop ceiling, Layout walls; Layout duct work.


Pendulum Lock protects pendulum during transportation and storage for added durability.

RF remote control range is a 300' radius and controls all laser functions.

Level and plumb laser beams are independent with simultaneous operation.

Laser and plumb self-leveling range is 6.

Level and plumb Line Dither/Scan mode for high beam visibility.

Out-of-level indicator.

Laser beam locator with fine/course resolution selection.


Accuracy...Level: +/- 1/8" @ 100', Plumb: +/- 1/4" @ 100'

Laser Range: 600' w/ Detector

Self Leveling Range...Level: 6, Plumb: 6

Line Dither/Scan Mode: 6 Line Lengths (3 to 180)

Spin Mode RPM: 350, 600,1200

Plumb Alignment Range: 2

Laser Diodes: Class III, 635nm

Power Supply: 4 "D" Batteries or AC Power Adaptor

Tripod Mount: 5/8"x 11


RoboToolz RT-7690-2 Laser Level (4 D Size Batteries Included)

RoboToolz Laser Detector/RF Remote Control RT-A7690-1 (9 Volt Battery Installed)

RoboToolz Rod Bracket

RoboToolz Laser target plate

Laser Enhancement Glasses

RoboToolz AC/DC Adaptor Model WK0601A0-1DN

RoboToolz Carrying Case


Robotoolz Leveling PORTER CABLE
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