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Post Link Posted: Fri Apr 05 2013 3:02 pm
Post subject: Where to buy your "Phaedra Sparks" stun gun.... Burnley teenager fired stun gun at his girlfriend in bed....
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Councilman's bill sparks back-and-forth on Tasers....
Maryland law already makes it legal for citizens to carry a
Taser or a stun gun if they are 18 or older, pass a criminal
background check and meet a few other requirements....
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City must pay $750000 in 2008 stun-gun case
Columbus Dispatch
The city and officers who used a stun gun on Mary and Charles Piskura's son
settled the case March 6. The city's insurance company will pay the
settlement, city Manager Doug Elliott said. In April 2008, 24-year-old
Kevin Piskura was felled by a Taser ...
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Phaedra Parks Stun Gun Joins Workout Video
But now, instead of workout videos, funerals for pets, and suing Kim
Zolciak, Phaedra is launching pink stun guns for Real Housewives of Atlanta
fans. Viewers will no longer have to shout "security!", in their best
Kenya Moore voice, because they will ...
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Where to buy your "Phaedra Sparks" stun gun....
On tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Phaedra Parks proudly stated that smart business woman
is always expanding her empire, and that Donkey Booty
DVD is behind, she's venturing into the world of stun guns!....
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State may require more stun-gun training for police....
The General Assembly may force police officers to undergo
additional training in the use of potentially deadly stun guns,
and require police departments to report each time a stun
gun is used. Connecticut residents have died ...
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Burnley teenager fired stun gun at his girlfriend
A DRUNKEN teenager who fired a stungun at his girlfriend, the
mother of his new baby, as she lay in bed, has won his freedom.
Burnley Crown Court heard how Elliott McMenemy's victim Alice
Porter dived under the duvet. She heard a noise and her friend....
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Charges involving stun gun dismissed against McAlester police....
Prosecutors accused Taylor of assault and battery after he
used a stun gun on Nakina Williams while she was being
booked in the Pittsburg County jail on a public intoxication
complaint. Surveillance video shows Williams being hit by....
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House approves stun gun bill....
The bill says a stun gun or device that uses direct
contact to deliver voltage for defense of individual
is not considered a dangerous weapon. The bill
passed unanimously by North Dakota legislature....
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I intend to last long enough to put out of business all COck-suckers
and other beneficiaries of the institutionalized slavery and genocide.
"The army that will defeat terrorism doesn't wear uniforms, or drive
Humvees, or calls in air-strikes. It doesn't have a high command, or
high security, or a high budget. The army that can defeat terrorism
does battle quietly, clearing minefields and vaccinating children. It
undermines military dictatorships and military lobbyists. It subverts
sweatshops and special interests.Where people feel powerless, it
helps them organize for change, and where people are powerful, it
reminds them of their responsibility." ~~~~ Author Unknown ~~~~

girlfriend teenager Burnley Phaedra
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