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Post Link Posted: Thu Dec 17 2009 3:13 pm
Post subject: Fancy Chickens, Rare Pheasants & Exotic Birds / Quails
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Its nearing an end to the breeding season so I need to sell the rest of what I have gotten during the season. Raising Rare and Exotic birds is a hobby of mines, but now I simply have too many to care for and don't have the time for all. I have 3 Rare Jungle Fowls strains - San Diego Zoo, Richardsons/Laos & Vietnamese, Grey Junglefowls (Sonnerat's Junglefowl), American Onagadori (Phoenix Longtail's Ancestor - True Japanese Longtails), Seramas (Jerry's Serama - Champion A/B), Modern Games (Show Quality), Native Quails, Exotic Pheasants, you name it. Prices start at $15 each for Exotic Chickens and Pheasants. 1 month old and up...got some young ones and older ones too for a lower or higher price. Quails start out @ $3 each. I have more pictures and detailed infomation as well as pricing at the site I made for my pets. Read more...

Pheasants Chickens Exotic Quails
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