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Post Link Posted: Wed Nov 25 2009 8:45 pm
Post subject: Reduced price! - 1894 J&C Fischer Cabinet Grand Piano (Chri
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This is such a beautiful piano with lots of ornate carving and molding - I just recently had it appraised and they valued it at $500-600. I'll be happy to pass along the appraisal to the buyer.
It's in need of restoration and tuning, but I was assured by the piano appriaser that it's well worth the cost. This brand of piano was one of the best uprights of the era.

I've seen only a few of this brand for sale from the same time period, and most of them were $5000 - $6000 after restoration.

I'm not sure of its interior condition. The keys all play and the pedals depress.

56" tall x 60" long x 28" deep

***I remove listings once they sell, so you don't need to ask if it's still available.***

NO SPAM. If you have a question, please put "piano question" in the subject line so I know you're legit!

I would love for this to go to a home that is looking for a great antique and would be willing to restore it. It's such a wonderful treasure - I just don't have the funds to restore it myself!

The bench (not an antique) is included.

You will need to arrange pick up of the piano. It is near our front door and will need to be taken down 3 steps. I've seen estimates of its weight being over 1000 pounds, so you'll want to line up several people to help!

I can be flexible when you pick up the piano if you need to work that out. I check email daily, so feel free to contact me with any questions.

Here's some more info courtesy of www.bluebookofpianos.... :


The old New York house of J. & C. Fischer was in existence since 1840 and was located at East Rochester, N.Y. The original factory of J & C Fischer was established in 1840. It being the outgrowth of previous association with other firms engaged in the manufacture of pianos. It is one of the oldest firms having had its inception in New York City, and during its long and honorable career has played a considerable part in the musical development of our country. One of the oldest and most reputable pianos manufactured in the United States and a pioneer in the American Piano Industry. In 1896 the Fischer house celebrated the manufacture of their one hundred thousandth piano. The Fischer is a high grade, standard piano with a fine, pure quality of tone, and notable for the beauty of its case designs as well as artistic musical excellence. J & C Fischer manufactured both grands and uprights, available with the Ampico Player.

The J&C Fischer was later made by the Aeolian - American Corp. One of the oldest and most reputable pianos in the United States. J. C. Fischer succeeded directly to the business of R.& W. Reynolds of New York, one of the pioneer houses in the American piano industry.

The title of J. & C. Fischer was given the firm in 1840. John U. Fischer and Charles S. Fischer came of a most distinguished family of piano makers, their father having gained the coveted honor of being appointed "piano-maker" to Ferdinand I, King of Naples. The original factory of 3. C. Fischer was established in 1840 in St. John's Lane, New York City. The present factories and general offices are in East Rochester, N. Y. This house has taken a prominent part in the development of the piano industry in the United States.

The J&C Fischer was later made by the Aeolian - American Corp.

The J & C Fischer pianos in small grand pianos, consoles and school pianos of professional pianos are celebrated for their fine, pure quality tone, and further distinguished for the beauty of its case designs. During 1928 world famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed an acoustically correct room specifically for this magnificent Art Deco piano. The cabinet and casing were designed to grace this room. Special attention was given to of artistic piano making that even the regular models of this line are noteworthy for their simplicity and grace, and their period models are superb examples of the adaptation of the decorative art of past centuries to the case of a modern piano. A J & C Fischer makes an excellent investment.


Cabinet Fischer Reduced Grand
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