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Message Author
Post Link Posted: Wed Mar 14 2012 4:39 am
Post subject: Re: Hero kills 16 sandniggers in Afghanistan
Reply to Hiccum Blurpaedius Reply with quote

On Mar 13, 3:59 am, "ForeverRent" <hesacoponthee> wrote:



we really need more heroes like him and he clearly deserves a medal of
honor. Only a dead sandnigger is a good sandnigger. It was THEM who attacked
US and even their children blow themselves up to kill NATO soldiers. If they
had the opportunity, they would kill all of us. Islam is a dirty sandnigger
religion created by the pig Mohammed and it's all about bestiality,
kiddie-porn and pig-worshipping.

They are calling us "The Great Satan" and if we don't fight them, there will
be a new 911 very soon.

So these 16 sandniggers can no longer attack us. Good job.-F.R.

If anyone who needs a medal is Bradley Manning. But he is in solitary
so genocidal religious maniacs can try to create christiandom.
Exterminate the christian government.

Afghanistan sandniggers kills Hero
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