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Post Link Posted: Sat Jan 21 2012 1:51 am
Post subject: BIODYNAMIC GARDEN SOIL! (Waynesville) $13
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We are a small family farm making the best garden soil possible for the food we grow. Our Specially Blended Biodynamic Garden Soil is a large array of fully-composted ingredients from nature so you get a nutrient-dense growing medium to give your plants and vegetables a broad mineral and nutrient spectrum, for the biggest, healthiest and fastest growing plants possible! Now with Rudolph Steiner's Biodynamic Preparation Formulas BD 500-507 for the best ever! The healthier your soil, the healthier you will be.

All our ingredients are in their natural state as nature intended good soil to be. We never add ingredients from unknown yard waste, GMO vegetable waste, non-organic restaurants, garbage, or medical facility waste which may contain toxins, chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, cardboard or compostable containers which have no nutritional value and may contain processing chemicals. Every batch is tested for seed-starting and growing on. Our finished product is 100% nutrient-dense growing medium, not top soil. You can plant straight into it without burn and near 100% germination rate for starting seeds. It is not diluted with other soil or topsoil.

For tomatoes that require no spraying or covering and resist diseases, use straight Biodynamic Garden Soil in a 12 inch by 12 inch base for the plant. All our tomatoes have now been COMPLETELY disease-free for over 11 years.

Our family started creating our garden soil in the 1960's and have grown our own food for health benefits since then, never failing to have a large vegetable garden each year and award-winning flowers and landscaping. We are happy to share our fine Biodynamic Garden Soil and good health with you.

GREAT FOR STARTING SEEDS, TOO! Our last test batch appears to have close to 100% seed germination.

No appointment needed on Customer Days (MOST Saturdays 10-2, February 5 through mid-June and Fall. If you wish to be notified of Customer Days (no appt. needed) and gardening tips, just drop us a line and ask to be added to our email list.





For testimonials, hours and directions, please visit www.frogholler.... (20 minutes from Asheville and one mile from I-40)

Large Bag (about 65 lbs.)--Still Just $12.99 (plus tax)

Front Loader Scoop (450 lbs) $65.00 (plus tax)

(A scoop is equal to 6 bags for the price of 5 and about 4 trash cans in volume)

Trailer, Truck Loads & Delivery Available

If you wish to pick up bagged soil, please advise several days ahead of time approximately how many bags you wish so we do not run out before you get here. We do not make up more bags than necessary so it will be fresh.

We have people available to load your bags for you on scheduled Customer Days and sometimes by appt.

Don't forget to bring a tarp and bungies if you are picking up a truck or trailer load.

Checks or Cash----Sorry-No Credit Card machine

  • Location: Waynesville

  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


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