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Post Link Posted: Thu Nov 10 2011 12:53 am
Post subject: Over 50 Kent-Moore automotive specialty tools (Mattoon)
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I have over 50 Kent Moore automotive specialty tools. Most are GM related, but some might apply to other makes. There is also a burroughs rear main seal instalation tool in the list. a few of these tools cost in the $500 range new, but most are in the $10-$50 range. There are a few odd pieces that I didn't put in the list for lack of information. I think they are parts of sets of tools.

I am interested in trading these as a set, but would also consider breaking them up. They are in a plastic crate which I will include. Cardboard boxes just don't hold up to the weight. The sets are complete to the best of my knowledge unless noted. I am open to offers. Here's a list of the tools:

Borroughs 3" Rear Main Bearing Seal Installer #23-18

Kent-Moore J-38723 Heater Line Quick Connect Separator for GM

Kent Moore J-42385-2022 THREAD REPAIR 6MM ADAPTER

Kent-Moore J-41384 A/C Clutch Plate removal and holding tool missing 1 of the 3 screws

Kent-Moore J-41350 drill fixture kit for 4l60e transmissions missing the bolts, has the special drill bit, template, and instructions

Kent-Moore J-33302-1 valve spring compressor for gm overhead camshaft engines use with head on engine, also j-33302-25 adapter for use on more engines the adapter appears to never have been used as the compressor is not drilled.

Kent-Moore J-37105-1 J37105-2 J37105-3 also bearing, driver bolt and nut. Unknown if complete, It's a puller, but I don't know it's application

Kent Moore J-36343 Rack Cylinder Tube Wrench



Kent-Moore J-37117 Pressure Switch Socket for GM

Kent-Moore J-36681 Socket, Steering Column Nut

Kent-Moore J-41379 Rack Tube Nut Wrench for Chevrolet

Kent-Moore J-39901 Rack Cylinder Spanner Wrench

Kent-Moore J-35749 Oil Sensor Socket for GM, 1-1/16"

Kent Moore J-8564 seal installer, application unknown

Kent-Moore J-9522-13 believed to be part of a larger set of drive shaft service tools. May be an add-on piece for the set.

Kent-Moore J-24086-113 Geo Metro piston pin service set complete

Kent-Moore J-41507 Connecting Rod Assembly Guide

Kent-Moore J-41387 "Seal Remover/Installer" or "Wheel Bearing Race Remover" I see it online called both

Kent-Moore J-38844 Strut Retaining Tool complete with 3 nuts

Kent-Moore J-39245-1 Ring Installer

Kent-Moore J-23625 Rear Main Seal Installer

Kent-Moore J-22536 Pinion Driver for use on GM 9.5in axles


Kent Moore J-29659 Front Cover Seal Installer

Kent Moore J-41228-2 Output Shaft Sleeve Installer 4T40e has a threaded shaft with 4 locking clips on the end and a sleeve that slides over the clips, a bearing, and a nut


Kent-Moore J-38814 Window Module Rivet Installer

Kent-Moore J-37398 Oil Sensor Wrench 30mm with 3/8 Drive

Kent-Moore J-25286 rear main bearing oil seal installer for 2 piece rear main bearings with crank still installed in engine

Kent-Moore J-46629-A Axle Seal Installer used with the J-8092 Driver Handle which is not included

Kent-Moore J-36877 Comfort Release Nut Spanner Socket

Kent-Moore J-8806-1 limited information, is it a ball joint press or part of one? it's only the one piece.

Kent-Moore J-37118-2 Pressure Tester adapter, just the adapter, the pressure tester is not here.

Kent-Moore J-23101 Brake Booster Socket

Kent-Moore J-42136 A/C Lip Seal Remover (looks different from the picks online, but looks like it would do the same job)

Kent-Moore J-45268-117 Block, TXV for ac service

Kent-Moore J-38842 convertible top locking pin alignment tool

Kent-Moore J-45124-9 Puller Legs 2 J-45124-10 puller legs with bag (the part number for the set is J-45124-9

Kent-Moore E1460-1 Power Steering Seal Installer

Kent-Moore EN-48585 Installation Guide, Balancer

Kent-Moore EN-48694 compression guage adapter for diesel engines

Kent-Moore DT-48802 Installer, Needle Bearing

Kent-Moore DT-48076 Installer, Rock Guard

Kent-Moore DT-48077 Installer, Output Flange

Kent-Moore DT-48074 Installer, Input Seal requires J-8092 Driver Handle not included

Kent-Moore DT-49027 Replacer, Spiral Pin Complete in bag, looks new

Kent-Moore CH-47950 Hydro-Boost Clamp Tool all pieces there

Kent-Moore CH-47672-2 cradle bushing replacer

Kent-Moore CH-48107 Replacer, Bushing for use removing and replacing the lower control arm bushing on GM cars. used with J-02619-A a slide hammer which is not included.

Kent-Moore CH-49200 GM Steering Gear Support Tool

  • Location: Mattoon

  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


automotive specialty Moore tools
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