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Post Link Posted: Fri Oct 21 2011 5:48 pm
Post subject: 2011 Ford Focus hesitation
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I am having trouble diagnosing a hesitation in a friend's vehicle and
could use some help from someone much more experienced than myself.

It's a 2001 16V Zetec automatic with 165K that has started throwing
CEL 301 (Cylinder 1 misfire codes). My friend told me that the vehicle
would hesitate at around 40, then proceed up to highway speed then
throw a CEL. I asked her about the history of related repairs and
learned the following;

- Replaced coil pack less than 3K ago
- Replaced fuel filter 3K ago
- Replaced plugs and wires 1.5K ago
- Replaced PCV valve 4K ago

Someone was throwing parts at it to correct this problem, but it
eventually got worse.

The vehicle had also been exempt from the dreaded Focus fuel pump
recall back in 2003. All fuel flow at low speed under load as well as
high speed seem to be within tolerance. There seems to be no falter
except at around 40 MPH.

Since it was still getting worse and there were no local viable repair
options available, I decided to take on the issue. I tested spark at
cyl 1 and found it to be strong, eliminating the wires and coil. I
pulled the plug and as a platinum plug, it still looked new. This left
two things, the injector and an internal problem like a valve..

Without a compression tester and the overall smooth operation of the
motor in every other condition, I took the injector route. I pulled
the fuel rail and replaced the cyl 1 injector with a remanufactured
one. I also replaced gaskets on the TB and the intake. While I was in
there, I also replaced the DPFE sensor as I have heard of silly
readings being fed back to the ECU to create a similar issue with a
leak somewhere..

The overall condition from my friend is that things are much smoother
and better (No CEL's) but she did mention that there is still a
at around 40, although less than before.

My only guess at this point without a shop manual is that there is a
vacuum leak somewhere. Next test is obviously compression, but my
gauge is MIA.

As I'm at a loss and hate throwing money at parts in hope, but feel
very close at this point, I would appreciate any advice to help out my

Thanks in advance for your advice and help..

hesitation Focus Ford
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